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Atheist Experience
Kudos to your success

Just wanted to drop a note to congratulate ACA on the evolution (i.e., "divine-inspired spiritual growth resulting from fervent prayer and worship") of the TV show. I've watched sporadically for more than 15 years and I find it far more engaging and accessible now than it was in the early '90s.

One of the major improvements is in the tone of the hosts toward callers. There is less condescension and more civil dialogue. In addition, your arguments have become much more refined, nuanced and comprehensive, leaving little wiggle room for your detractors. To use a flattering analogy: I learn from you about religion the way I learn from Keith Olbermann and John Stewart about Fox News. In each case, the thing being lampooned is an easy target because they provide their own petards on which to be hoisted. (I just undermined the point of this paragraph by being condescending... Good thing I'm a host of the show.)

And applause for broadening the epistemological foundations of your arguments. I'm hearing more variation in the theories of knowledge in your responses to callers and I think this helps reach more people while enriching the appeal of your general message.

Keep up the good attitudes, keep on being friendly, and remember that believers are in the majority for reasons having roots in history and evolution. We're the ones who are the weirdos!

best regards, George

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