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Atheist Experience
Production Values

Just saw the 12/06/09 episode and once again I cringed at the production values. I can definitely appreciate how tough it is to walk into a studio with a limited amount of time and get a live show on the air, kudos for the hard work the crew does...BUT 1- Light the hosts properly. If you are dimming the lights on them in order to get a crisper key for the background...STOP! 2- Don't switch backgrounds during the show for no reason. It is really distracting. If you want to mix it up for visual interest, have a background for when the hosts are talking to each other, and another for when they take calls. Then the difference will be a motivated one. 3- Stop with the eye candy backgrounds already! The burning plains, the fields of flowers...groan. Really, have some faith in the ability of the hosts to keep people watching BECAUSE THEY ARE INTERESTING. 4- Make the hosts aware of what types of clothing they should not wear. Have an extra shirt or jacket around in case they forget. Or have the hosts bring an extra shirt with them, whatever.

I do want to say "good job" on the opening video roll-in, a very much needed addition to the show. As a suggestion, you might want to add a countdown clock for the last 10 or 5 minutes of the program. The purpose would be so the callers and audience can see how much time is left, and possibly make it easier to get out of a call. But if the hosts don't find it necessary or possibly distracting then never mind. Love the show! Keep up the great work, and thanks for all the time and effort you all put into it!


I've passed along these comments to the crew. They agreed with much of what you pointed out. They'll address those problems in future episodes.

Thanks for the feedback.

In the future, if you have a message directly for the the crew, you can use the "Contact us" link on the left of most ACA web pages.

thanks for responding. Wrote another note using the contact link. The 12/13/09 looked really nice. Thanks again to all involved for all the effort that goes into it!

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