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Atheist Experience

Hi, I've just discovered the show and really enjoy it. I'm about 90% atheist, but I'm open to new theories. I'm wondering if you Atheist-Experience guys have ever considered Plotinus's theory of the One/Absolute as "God" and what your criticisms would be or if you've ever done a show on it I can just view. In this theory, there is no personal god but an absolute, infinite, and atemporal non-dualistic essence or principle from which all material manifestation emanates. Plato's world of forms or ideals, nous, logos is actually a hypostatic emanation from the One and is contingent upon the One. The world soul is a further emanation contingent upon the nous, and further material manifestation emanates which is constantly in flux and changing, the world of becoming (hindu "maya") contingent upon the nous. Since phenomenal manifestation is constantly in flux, it can't be considered real or the thing in itself. Rather, it is the absolute which is the true unconditioned and absolute reality from which all else manifests. It's thought that it was this neo-platonic scheme that was later adapted to Christianity in the form of the trinity. I'm not as well versed in formal logic as some of you guys seem to be, so I thought I'd run this by you. Any opinions?

Thanks. Robert

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