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Atheist Experience
Schilling on the Atheist Experience

I have been listening to the non-prophets and thought it would be great if Shilling co-hosted on of these days. It would give the show a different taste having a conservative, and also a person who has a different ideology than Matt. No offense to the other co-hosts, but most of their positions on issues are almost lock and step with mat

Hi George

Yes, I like Schilling. He can stand his ground and explains his position clearly. He's also got a bitter streak to him that I find somehow endearing :)

I love Matt, but he does tend to dominate and Schilling would be a good addition.

One thing that has struck me when listening to Schilling on Non Prophets is that his voice sometimes sounds like Brain from Top Cat.

Cheers - Grant

Just wanted to add my support to this suggestion. Shilling is always very good about separating his analysis of an argument from whether or not he agrees with the actual conclusion. It's all too common to see atheists get in the habit of accepting an argument for atheism, or rejecting an argument for theism, without carefully checking the soundness of the argument. Of course, I haven't run across any argument for theism that I've found convincing, but sometimes they are rejected for the wrong reasons.

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