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Atheist Experience
Thank god for you atheists!

Hi! Man I just had to say this to you guys! Might start off with, I'm a dude from Sweden, Uppsala! Pretty much this summer, I officially said myself to be an atheist, after 18 years of a christian upbringing. I looked to youtube after likeminded individuals, and I stumbled upon the atheist experience among other things, and... well, thank god for that!. Now I was already an atheist, but you guys just give me hours of entertainment and more importantly give me more arguments for atheism, as well as strengthening my position as an atheist. Thank you Matt, Russell, Tracie, Don and Martin and the rest of the crew of course! I probably forgot someone, lol! Btw, this goes for my twin brother too! We both love the show and watch it all the time! We two are the only atheists in the family of 7. With you guys by our side, maybe we can beat some sense into them too huh? :D

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