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is there a devil?

as hard as you try to prove there is no god, for a change... do a special or something and prove there is no devil.

I guess your referring the fanatics who enlighten us with proof that god exists, until we hand them their ass. In addition, many of these uneducated twits don't know that atheists don't believe in the devil. You can't have one without the other. Through archeological finds, ancient languages, and science scholars have found what the facts are. As well as most people of academic accomplishment and the upper echelons of society. They do not believe the bible or religion is anything but myth. Many people do keep this little secret to themselves because they believe 'religion' is good for keeping the 'rabble' in their place and/or it wouldn't be good for the god business.

The Ugaritic alphabet is among the oldest that has been discovered; the transliteration (the practice of transcribing a word or text) has proven that the culture and religion of Israel in its earliest period come from Ugarit. Texts (which were discovered at Ugarit) were written in one of four languages: Sumerian, Akkadian, Hurritic and Ugaritic. The tablets were found in the royal palace, the house of the High Priest, and some private houses of evidently leading citizens.

The Sumero-Akkadian story of the creation of the World found its way to Palestine long before the Israelites' advent there, and Israelites learned of them from the Canaanites. The style of writing discovered at Ugarit is known as alphabetic cuneiform. This is a unique blending of an alphabetic script and cuneiform (a unique blending of two styles of writing.) Cuneiform was passing from the scene and alphabetic scripts were coming in. Ugaritic is a bridge from one to the other.

DEMONS AND SATAN: Besides single words being illuminated by the Ugaritic texts, entire ideas or complexes of ideas have parallels in the literature. Deities worshipped at Ugarit were El Shaddai, El (the chief god) Elyon, and El Berith. The Hebrew writers apply all of these names to Yahweh. What this means is that the Hebrew theologians adopted the titles of the Phoenician gods and attributed them to Yahweh in an effort to eliminate them. If Yahweh is all of these there is no need for the Phoenician gods to exist. This process is known as assimilation. Besides the chief god at Ugarit there were also lesser gods, DEMONS, and goddesses. The most important of these lesser gods were Baal, Asherah, Yam and Mot. In Hebrew Asherah is called the wife of Baal; but she is also known as the consort of Yahweh! Baal (a lesser deity) is described as the "rider on the clouds" interestingly enough, this description is also used of Yahweh in Psalm 68:5. One Ugaritic text testifies that among the inhabitants of Ugarit, Yahweh was viewed as another son of El ( sm . bny . yw . ilt ) "The name of the son of god, Yahweh." This text showing that Yahweh was known at Ugarit, though not as the Lord but as one of the many sons of El.

Among the other gods worshipped at Ugarit there are Dagon, Tirosch, Horon, Nahar, Resheph, Kotar Hosis, Shachar (who is the equivalent of Satan), and Shalem. One of the most famous of the lesser deities at Ugarit was Dan'il. There is little doubt that this figure corresponds to the Biblical Daniel (while predating him by several centuries.) Most scholars agree that the Canonical prophet was the Ugarit Dan'il. Another creature is Leviathan. Hebrew text Isaiah 27:1 and Ugarit texts describe this beast.

Within the ruins of an ancient city of Ugarit there are texts that described with precisely the same adjectives as in Isaiah 27:1 At that time GOD will unsheathe his sword, his merciless, massive, mighty sword. He'll punish the serpent Leviathan as it flees the serpent Leviathan thrashing in flight. He'll kill that old dragon that lives in the sea.

In the Ugaritic mythological texts Leviathan is a sea creature that symbolizes the destructive water of the sea and in turn the forces of chaos that threaten the established order. Isaiah here applies imagery from Canaanite mythology to Yahweh's eschatological victory over his enemies. Apocalyptic literature employs the imagery as well. The beasts of Dan 7 emerge from the sea, while Rev 13 speaks of a seven-headed beast coming from the sea.

Bible prophecy is baloney because this all comes from Ugarit describing their troubles entangled with the sea.

"as hard as you try to prove there is no god, for a change... do a special or something and prove there is no devil"

We can answer this question in a variety of different ways, Augustines theodicy, backed up by Aquinas theodicy argued that evil is just the 'absence' of good, meaning evil isnt actually a thing. And an absence of good, doesnt always mean evil, look at a Lion and a Gazelle, the gazelle dies...meaning evil, but the lion survives meaning good. Then it can be moved onto natural or moral evil, and whats simply an absence or a privation. As ive recently said, evil is just the absence of good, meaning evil is nothing but the absence of something, therefore evil is nothing and nothing = non existant (debatable), if evil isnt a 'thing' then the Devil isnt a 'thing' meaning hell isnt a 'thing', so it depends entirely on the way you define Evil, and whether you think evil is a thing or just the absence of something (As many scholars and christians may say). Also, we say God is 100% infinitly omnibenevolence (loving) can you have something which is 100% something and 10% something else? Lets imagine a bottle of water filled up 100% with water, you cant have it filled 100% with water and 10% juice, so how can we have evil if God is all loving? 100% loving plus 50% evil? Doesnt work. Predators are born naturally evil, in order to survive, why does God allow animals to kill other animals in order for their survival? Oh wait...OF COURSE, Adam sinned against God, and now we all live with original sin. Now instead of asking questions that you may know nothing about, why not firstly define Evil and define the Devil...if you do that, and research on how it all works together, you may realise that its not as easy as it sounds. You'll see its almost impossible to actually define the word 'Evil' we have privations, moral evil, natural evil, physical evil. Then question yourself and say "is a car evil?" It can be...but not all the time, it can kill people, it can effect the air pollution and add issues to global warming, is cancer evil? Cancer is good at what it does, but becomes evil when it ruins peoples lives, Is Sadam Hussan evil? He killed many people...but had a family, was a loving dad, and great man and good at what he did. Are earthquakes evil? It kills all these people, but its what happens in nature. Now round it all up, and ask "why would God put all this here for us just to be killed or hurt by just because of the sin of one man?"


Serge, have you given this any thought? Impressible children are afraid of the Bogeyman hiding under the bed. These same kids should know better after they've grown up and looked under the bed to see nothing, and still preach about the adult bogeyman - the Devil! Now if you are good you go to Heaven, and there you do good things (whatever these are), and if you are bad you go to Hell, where bad things are done to YOU! Whoa there, did I miss something, that don't make sense, shouldn't YOU do the bad things? I mean who is running this joint - God it seems! Your dad says to you, "Clean your room Serge, and you'll get a reward, if you don't you'll be punished." IT IS THE SAME PERSON - God and the Devil are working together to make you good.

If the Devil really existed he'd be nice to ya, and let you spread the word so he'd be popular - no? Come to my house and I'll burn you real slow - is not going to get my vote! This is not a nice God, and I'll have nothing to do with it. And further more, it is no way to bring up kids!

I say believe in God, just make him nicer and kind to animals, loving to children, forgiving for our angry moments, let him cure all those diseases, end all wars, stop global warming, let men not be denied their wifes pleasures, increase all income to meet all our needs, never grow old and die. Honestly, you make him, he'll come.

The above problems are still around, so lets all concentrate now and wish this nicer God into existence, you know just like you did with the one we have now!

The world works just fine without one. Everything's accounted for.


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