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Atheist Experience
strange Faith Fusion to save the world

A couple of days ago, i stumbled over a banner that announced following website: I am working myself in the field of sustainable / renewable energy in Austria. I am an Atheist and I'm gay. What really shocked me, was the fact, that I found this banner on a gay website. wants to unite and use the power of all religions because "Today, we face challenges more complex and difficult than ever before.".

Some quotes from from the subpage:"Why faith Communities?"

"In the past, faith communities have joined together to address global challenges,..." "On a local level, faith groups have joined together to help feed the hungry, educate the underprivileged, and fight against discrimination."

Well despite the fact, that there are not many religions which accept homosexuals, the whole thing is very strange.

I would like to know, what is. Is this a new religious (super)organization, which collects money tax free? (Fusenow is located in Miami FL)

Bye Konski

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