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I am a recently new viewer to the Atheist Experience. I have watched the majority of the shows on Google and can't get enough! I used to be a born again Evangelical Christian, but over the last year I have gained new knowledge and information about science/evolution, philosophy, and the contradictions and unproven claims of the Bible. I am also thankful for people who have come in my life who helped me see beyond the dogma I had been indoctrinated into. Over the last year, I was very confused and did not know what to believe anymore. I felt like my entire foundation had been shaken. I am thankful for your show which has helped me see that there is nothing wrong with not knowing everything and that there is integrity in believing only things that I have evidence for. I have gained more information from your show which has made me more confident in defending my lack of belief in a god. I know that atheism is not a bad thing and has nothing to do with immorality. I am the same person I have always been except I am actually using my brain when I think about god instead of turning it off. I see now that I never needed Christianity or religion at all to live a good life. To all the hosts and crew of the Atheist Experience, thanks and keep up the good work!

Thanks very much Tisha. Your note sounds a lot like something I could have written myself! I think we have some things in common about our experiences. I'm always glad to hear someone say they "get something" from what ACA produces or promotes. So thanks, again, for letting us know.

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