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All American Rally support and endorsement

Ellen Johnson recommended that I contact you about a rally I am planning for next year...................In San Antonio................ It will be on the steps of city hall, on Thursday May 1, 2008. It will be called the: All American Rally It will be to celebrate the diversity of Americans. It will be put on purposely from 8:00a.m. to 1:00p.m. to prevent the National Day of Prayer from forming at the same spot........ I would like to have music and speakers there. Can your organization help in the planning? Patrick Greene 210-913-5138


We're glad to hear that you're doing a rally and planning it so early. We have had similar rallies here in Austin in response to the NDOP events that have taken place at the Capitol. It's likely that we'll be doing the same sort of thing again next year. (I assume that May 1st will be the NDOP day.)

We can help publicize your event on our web site and we can potentially send a speaker down, but I'm not sure what else we could do from Austin. What specifically did you have in mind?

--Don Baker

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