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Non Prophets podcast download Oct 2010

Hello, I'm very excited to see that there are new episodes of the Non Prophets. I used to be able to simply download the podcast .mp3 from the Non Prophets website in the Audio Files/Archive Shows section by clicking on the episode file. However, now when I click the file a warning message comes up saying, "QuickTime Unavailable. The QuickTime Plug-in requires the QuickTime System extension version 5 or later. QuickTime is available from" Then it takes you to the QuickTime website. In desperation I even installed the plug-in but I'm still not able to download the episode file. This happens for older files as well. Any hints on how I can download the new episode files? Thank you, Stephen

After you got the plugin did the audio play in your browser? If it did all you need to do at that point is to "save as" an MP3 file on your PC.

Hi, Thanks for the hint. But what I did was I went to my Tools => Add-Ons in my browser and disabled QuickTime Plug-In. Everything works now. I'm able to download the MP3s like normal. Thank you, Stephen

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