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Matt D. vs Ray Comfort?

[This post deleted by moderator]
[Original message deleted at request of the author to remove his e-mail address. The meat of the message appears below.]

hey, I heard on the non-prophets Matt D. offered an invitation for Ray Comfort to debate. Was he serious?

I love watching ray get PWND.

Thanks for the awsome show!

Ray Comfort is not very good at debating.

it true the Ray doesn't seem to be an honest debater, just a preacher. I suppose the only reason why the RRS stayed on the TV show was the exposure.

I could have done a better job than he did. The entire thing was done so poorly, he didn't seem to know his opponents views, and had some of the most ridiculous things to present.

"I could have done a better job than he did."

Well, then I'll extend the invitation to you, as well. :)

(And yes, I was serious. I'd gladly debate Ray, and it'd be ridiculously easy. He's not an original thinker, he repeatedly uses the same arguments - which have all been repeatedly rebutted. The same goes for Kirk.)

There is NO WAY that Matt D could take Ray Comfort.

ALL Ray has to do is whip out a bananna and POW! Game over.

LOL :)

What would happen if Matt whipped out a pineapple in response?

Ooh! Ray Comfort the badass anti-intellectual! "Bring it on!" Do you know that anti-evolutionist claim that "we didn't from a gob of goo!" .What's the difference in a gob of goo and dirt?

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