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Atheist Community of Austin
Sunday Meeting at Cafe Express?

I was just curious if there will be a meeting this Sunday at Cafe Express. I've been planning to go to some ACA events for a long time, but it never seems to work out for me schedule-wise. This past week I was going to try to go, but then saw there was a "tentative" lecture scheduled (I didn't wind up going to the lecture because I wasn't sure if it was really happening since the calendar said 'tentative').

So - will there be a meeting this sunday? And also, just curious, how many people are normally there, and what can I expect from it?

Thanks for any info.

We try to keep our calendar up-to-date. We welcome your attendance. We have 6-15 or so at the Cafe Express meeting. There's also a meetup after the Atheist Experience with more folks.

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From the officers:

The ACA Lecture Series continues Sunday, October 11th at 12:15pm in the Austin History Center, 9th and Guadalupe. The building opens at noon. Texas Freedom Network's Dan Quinn will give us an update on their activities. The lecture is free and open to the public.