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The debunking of agnosticism

Agnostics are not just illogical. In my experience with groups of agnostics they are also immoral. The following is copied from This is the true definition of "popular" agnosticism. It's a cop out. They're certainly taking a position, but it's a position of apathy, ignorance or deception disguised as intellectual honesty. Ian Harris takes a similar view: "Agnosticism can end up providing a complacent perch for anyone who has neither the inclination nor the imagination to wrestle with the central religious questions of an age." Likewise Laurence Twaddle in his book 'Making Sense of English in Religion' has this to say: 'Agnosticism is often expressed as an indication of an open mind -- but it could equally be interpreted as the last refuge of a lazy mind, unwilling to pursue the arguments to one end or the other.'

It's work to seriously examine one's beliefs. Some people don't have the time or inclination to do it. I'd rather someone say they don't know or claim agnosticism than be counted among the believers.

Yeah, this line of thought can carry through to politics as well. If someone lacks the motivation to properly study the subjects on hand, I appreciate their honesty in not voting, rather than taking the word of someone else. (Not that most actually voters are educated, but the point stands.)

"it's a position of apathy, ignorance or deception disguised as intellectual honesty"

On the flip side one could easily argue that taking a strong position of gnosticism is to take a position of arrogance, hubris or blind faith disguised as intellectual superiority.

I guess I just don't see when "I don't know" became an unacceptable response.

We often criticize theists for jumping to their 'God of the Gaps' to explain any question that science cannot currently answer, we should be careful not to be guilty of the same thing ourselves.

Not only is "I don't know" an acceptable answer, there are times where it is the only intelligent answer.

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