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A Circle Of Deceit

A Circle Of Deceit

Christianity should be seen as having a logical flaw which traps the faithful into a circle of deceit.

The Ten Commandments, together with all of the other teachings and knowledge that comprises Christianity, are to be respected and obeyed by each Member of the church.

First, we can set aside the ancient, ignorant, and violent habits of God as described in the Bible. Today's Christian believers do not practice or recommend such things.

But, now we come to the teachings which are still valid today. Is it necessary for a Christian to respect these ways of living as recommended in the Bible?

Unfortunately, the answer is Maybe, Sometimes, and Sort Of. This is due to the logical trap of Grace, and the forgiveness of Jesus.

Why should a person be good when Jesus is compelled by divine law to forgive anything and everything? And to forgive without delay. Such a person can continue to harm himself and others based upon the confidence that the sin is always forgiven.

So being good is something that you must do, or not bother doing, depending on your mood. Jesus is compelled to forgive.

Sometimes christians feel good about finding this "get out of jail free card" because then they can get away with murder. - - - The tab's on Jesus.

Sometimes they feel bad that their moral guidance is sullied by such an easy way out. It would be natural to feel good and bad, and to be confused.

It gets worse.

Evangelical christians are asked to gain converts, expecting that each convert is a soul which will not burn in hell for eternity. A person can only do so much - - - now these christians must bear the guilt of not being able to save everyone, and each person who is missed will burn in hell forever.

Add to that guilt the temptation to tell lies in order to gain converts to christianity. Thou shalt not bear false witness, but doing so might help a fellow human being to avoid the eternal fires of hell.

Sinning leads to salvation, and salvation leads to sinning. Deceit, lies and denial might offer some quick relief from these contradictions, but like an addiction, deceit makes the problem worse in the long run.

Give it up, give it up, and set the children on a different path.

Use your friends here on Earth as your guiding star.

We are here for you.

But don't use people for their weaknesses, that would be disrespectful.

Use people for their strengths.

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