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Atheist Community of Austin
The Infinite Monkey Cage (TIMC)

In case anyone in the US was wondering what a popular science radio show on public radio should sound like, without any pandering to religious nutters who think the earth is 6000 years old, you may want to try these fun radio podcasts from the BBC:

They are co-hosted by a stand-up comedian and a physicist working at CERN, but have many other guests from biology, geology and other fields. Kids as well as adults love this show.

(Young earth creationists abstain - you will be occasionally openly ridiculed by everyone on the show)

Interesting, Brian Cox is participating in this show. The same guy, who played a small role in the show 'End Day':

He explained in the last scenario, where Earth gets devoured by strangelets, how strangelets work.

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The audio and video from Dr. Shahnawaz August lecture is now available.