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Others may have posted something similar but just as atheists who are liberal or Democrats don't necessarily endorse every element of the Democratic party, there are atheists who are politically conservative in some ways and even are Republicans. I see no reason to be in the "closet" on political beliefs while "out there" on lack of religious belief.

My atheist wife and I have many gay friends. We support a woman's right to choose. We are "liberal" on most social issues. But on the supporting the military, fiscal responsibility and keeping the government out of every element of our lives (not just the womb or our sexual habits) we are very conservative.

While I know other atheists (even a couple gay friends) who are vehemently conservative, most of my atheist friends find this hard to reconcile.

Bottom line is just because you don't believe in a mythical eye in the sky does not automatically make you more supportive of all liberal causes.

I just joined ACA (I'm a newbie) but the programming and discourse are awesome and I have to believe this organization is making a huge difference in people's lives as they wonder to themselves whether a lack of faith is rational. Keep up the great work!

Hi Drake, I'm not a Republican, but I think you're correct-a religious belief and what one believes is good fiscal policy have nothing to do with one another. The Republicans have actually lost alot of party members because of the takeover of their party by the radical Neo-conservatives. In their mind, it is Jesus and Capitalism joined at the hip, and anyone who disagrees about one little aspect of the "right" way of thinking is a terrorist or a communist.

I am actually pro Socialist in many ways, but I think it should come from the people, not an Iron Hand-I think things like medicine (people should not die because they can't afford insurance) and education (college) should be available equally to all, but I think people should be able to start their own businesses and grow their business in a fair way. I don't have a problem with wealth-I just think it should have a stopping point-pirvate companies should not own all the earth's resources, or be considered "persons" under the law as they are now-however this is just my opinion.

I do believe gun ownership should be a protected constitutional right and the ability to be "left alone" is perhaps what used to be more important to Republicans than what the party has become.

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