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On god/s

I am new to this forum and have been watching the show for about a month now. I consider myself agnostic that leans toward atheism, but I am not committed to any side only to truth whatever it is and wherever it leads. That said, I am unsure what the problem is, that is I do not understand why people get all crazy and angry about whether a god exists or not. I can understand unbeliever's frustration with religious people and what they claim their god has said or not said. But it seems that people just get too bent out of shape about it. If-- big IF-- a god exists then it exists and if not-- oh well. To me it is like getting upset about gravity, although comparing the two may not be comfortable for some. Maybe I am just too detached or disinterested to realize the frenzy.

Robert S.,

The truth does't lead anyone to think a god exists. Who are the people that get all crazy and angry about whether a god exists? Those people who are worshipping one.

Atheist don't think any god ever said anything.

Comparing gravity to god might be considered stupid to anyone who understands that we know gravity exists because of the evidence. There is no evidence for the existence of any god.

Hi Robert,

Your topic states it already has replies but I suppose the Moderators here are still checking them before they go live. This is good to stop spam etc, but bad with the needed wait.

My understanding about 'atheists' in particular, is that they (meaning me too) aren't really that fussed about 'believers'. I've noticed this in particular here, on shows. Where believers call in and announce they are believers and the hosts are not really 'angry' or 'frustrated' with their personal belief whatsoever.

The concern only comes when they are asked to explain why they are believers. Some say due to the bible 'factual history' book (?) Some say because their parents were of the same religion (?) Some say because they have morals (?) Some even wonder how an ape turned into a person overnight!! There are also a multitude of other of these so called 'valid' reasons by believers!

Only then does this 'frustration' come in (not so much angry, although there are reasons for that too). I mean to me (and likely you) the above (most common) reasons for the believer, just aren't reasons at all. So in about 30seconds or less the wise host explains why the reasons aren't valid reasons at all (actually its seriously common sense). BUT, when the believer still states they believe in god, even after being informed the truth, this is sometimes where frustration can or may turn into a tiny bit MORE frustrating.

I think 'anger' only comes into when the believer's impose themselves onto others. This is also found with believers against other different religious beliefs, not just atheists. Here's an extremely simple observation I've noticed in life. If you sneeze and someone says 'God bless you' (pretty sure this was to keep your soul escaping or to stop bad demons in!) You DON'T turn around and say, how dare you say that, I'm an atheist and no 'god' exists you fool. I mean generally we all just say 'thanks' and leave it at that, even if we are not religious. BUT, if you happen to say I don't believe in god, to a religious person, watch out! Firstly you are going to be told that you are going to burn in hell (note you are told this even if you are 10 years old or even younger!) Next you are going to get bible versus shoved in your ears. I mean you need to know this, 'christians' MUST save you at all costs (many christians may even break relationships on this alone)

But hangon a moment. YOU don't mind that they're religious. If they say, god bless you, or praise jesus (although annoying) You don't lose relationships over it, plus you probably wish them the best anyway (ie not burn in hell for instance) But no no, not those religious folk. To them you are the lowest of the low.

So you tell me. Yes you (and me) and the hosts on the show, are ALL quite happy to accept whatever they believe (ie we don't hate children for believing in santa) UNTIL what they believe in either makes zero sense (ie you try to help them with modern understandings and get no where) OR they impose their beliefs onto you and openly state that you are worse than SCUM (note science has found the extract of scum used as penicillin, plus new research shows it may have cancer inhibiting advantages)


I'm not even going to begin with the politics and abusive sects and all the crimes under the name of religion (including terrorism, and the multitude of other, religious believers only, atrocities committed in this world) I just want you to know that YES atheists do have some frustration and anger (at times) with believers. And for damn good reason too.

Have a nice day :)

Being an agnostic, maybe you don't comprehend the profound depth of their belief/belief system, it informs of their reason for living, of being, of the existence of everything, everything in their lives, every little fucking thing down to a piece of toast falling right-side up, is due to gods mucking about. To deny its existence, is to deny a major part of who they are, it's to spit in the face of their creator, and their mothers. And most of all, it means they are delusional, delusional about their very core being, and it would mean they are utter fools who've wasted vast quantities of their life's energies in a fools pursuit of the empty. Seems some don't cotton to that notion.

That's strange I feel the same way about them dismissing science and facts. Although I wouldn't say I hate them or wish them eternity in hell.

Here's another (true) silly example. When I was about 10, I decided to go into one of those big city churches just for a look. The sign outside stated: All Welcome. (how nice) The priest/pastor greeted me at the door as I made my way in to see how much money can buy! Anyway, he asked what belief I was from (or something like that) and I said, 'Oh, I don't believe in any god, I just wanted to see inside'. At which time the priest/pastor guy said, 'Get Out!' Since that day, I vowed that I'd never be religious, they really seemed mean. To tell you the truth I found the inside not to be as grand as the outside (offtopic: hmm that's strange I thought 'grandular' was a word?)

I brought that same story up on some religious forum somewhere years ago. And most of the replies were that this is NOT the normal way of church leaders. I must have had a one off, in their view. But I ask you to try the same. Go to any church and state you are an atheist and you want to see how much peoples money has been spent in a church. I promise you that you will not be as welcome as they advertise. Note: they have large statues of a person being tortured to death nailed to timber planks, PLEASE don't take your children with you.

'Agnostic' you say? Since you are not praising the 'lord' and attending church congregations on Sunday, I really hope you realize that you can't sit on the fence on this one. Either you feel that god blinked everything here? (seriously think about that, most christians don't) Or we are just like all other lifeforms (including animals without souls Lol) and that everything happened perfectly naturally. Seems reasonable. Some 'agnostics' state they DON'T believe until oneday finding proof. Here's the thing with that, that means you're an atheist. Since even the strongest minded atheist of them all would ALSO have to believe with proof. Atheism does not mean biased, that would be foolish hint hint ;)

I think the god 'theory' is about theory number one billion, there's a LOT of MORE likely theories before that, including we are all just living in a dream (similar to the matrix) Like some highly advanced lifeforms science experiment. Even that makes more sense than a religious god like figure. AND that's ever so slightly more likely than the god theory. Personally I think its all just natural, and we may discover more wonders of the universe in the future > through science.

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