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Atheist Community of Austin
ACA and its recognition in the Austin community

Hello ACA members!

For my journalism class, our assignment is to find a "minority" (minority really just meaning unique I suppose) group in the Austin community and talk to some of the members of that group and how they feel their people are covered in the media, if too much, not enough, or inaccurately.

I know you guys have quite a few weekly or monthly events that occur. How do you feel atheists are represented and portrayed in Austin? Any contribution of thought would be most helpful! Thanks



Why don't you come and join us at one or more of our meetings. The Sunday, April 1st lecture may not be the best event as it's a formal lecture. Most of our other events are informal and a good opportunity to strike up a conversation. We are very much pro-education and it won't be hard to find people to talk to you.

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