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Don Baker

I think Don Bake should be kicked off this discussion boards. He clearly does not know what atheism is or how to defend it without devolving into tactics that are usually used by religionists. He makes a lot of assertions and commits logical fallacies quite often. That is an understatement. If Don Baker is the best The Atheist Experience has to offer to respond to these forum Q&As and is allowed to continue his weekly rants against Christianity that are laden with appeals to emotion, especially repugnance, then it seems to me my respect for the atheists on this show for their critical thinking exists no longer.

Can you give a specific example? This post looks mostly like whining.

I have problems with censorship of any form. I am actually surprised that these discussions need approval of moderators (maybe the moderators will enlighten us on why we need their wisdom) Generally you find censorship in websites promoting wacky beliefs, e.g. that vaccination causes autism. They cannot tolerate critical, well reasoned comments and will remove such comments as soon as they are posted. You can find a similar phenomena in religious websites. It seems like Greg wants to carry religious censorship to an atheist website. Interesting!

The forum is moderated to filter spam.

Give you an example. Try reading any of the replies you have made. Whining? Is criticizing a person who seems to be ignorant on a website dedicated to a philosophical position whining. Have you heard yourself on the last few episodes where you whine about Christians and their claims. Whining Don, you may want to be careful before you put your foot into your mouth. I have been an atheist all my life and when I see wannabe atheists like you who can't even define it accurately it bothers me a bit. No wonder you left your faith, you probably jumped on the New Atheist bandwagon. You always ask for specifics but you yourself never give any. Try paying attention to your thinking before you type here. Do you honestly need me to think for you and give you the answers?

Here's one of my replies:

"The forum is moderated to filter spam."

On the Atheist Experience, I've been pointing out how seriously Christianity fails at trying to do various things. If you feel that my claims are inaccurate, please argue the point.

"Wannabe atheist?" What an amazing bunch of crap. I guess you think I need to be a devout believer of some atheist church.

I still think you're a whiner who has gotten called on the lies you used under another ID. It's pretty childish behavior.

These boards seem like they could benefit from account-required posting, so that it can be obvious whether we're talking to the same person and there can't be any impersonation.

I agree. We have plans to do that, but it may yet be a while.

It has been awhile since i have been on the forum, so allow me to respond. Don, you call me a whiner, yet you do not refer to yourself. Why not be fair? Also, if I am a lier, then where is your evidence? Who am I impersonating? I criticize you and your failed attempts at rationality and yet I am childish. I do not know what your credentials are, but I think you need to stick with whatever it is you do before you get hurt.

Are you threatening me?

You made the claim that I don't know what atheism is. Please back that up. Please define the term, or tell me exactly where I've gone wrong.

If you don't like my work on the Atheist Experience, please provide a single concrete example of where you think I went wrong.

I'm sorry if I've accused you of being someone else. This forum is loaded with trolls who can't have an honest dialog. So far, you seem to be one of them.

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