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The Atheist Experience on Christianity

I find curious how the hosts on this show seem to use logical fallacies quite often,especially on episode 748. Don calls out a caller for special pleading, then appeals to ignorance. Now, I am not a professional philosopher, but this guy clearly does not communicate with himself. And why is it that Russell thinks it is fine not conjecturing with out evidence but if one of his atheist buddies got up and spat out a physical theory he would be okay with it? Please, get these ignoramuses off the air. They atheism a bad name. Actually, they don't even know their own position. How many times do people have to point out to you guys that your position is agnosticism as you pint out in every episode, but you seem to be willfully ignorant. Please read a book and get of the Internet. Stop reading the back cover and absorb the information within.

"Don calls out a caller for special pleading, then appeals to ignorance." Can you be more specific?

I guess you didn't hear the caller's second definition for atheism: disbelief in the existence of a supreme being or beings. This is perfectly consistent with the definition on our front page: "We define atheism as the lack of belief in gods."

Agnosticism is about knowledge, not belief. See our FAQ ( I'm sorry we don't conform to your world view.

What books have you read in the last month?

Don, that is what atheism is a disbelief in a supreme being or god as you have pointed out in bother post. And it seems to me you are a hypocrite, considering it is you who defines atheism as you see fit unless you just hopped aboard the bandwagon. Also, I have heard Matt say that knowledge is a subset of belief and they are NOT mutually EXCLUSIVE. So, what is it going to be? What does asking this person what books they read in the last month prove? What, you are better than them, because you have time to read. Some of us have jobs and other things to do that spend a lot time chatting on the Internet. But forethought is not your your mind is it? You say that "Agnosticism is about knowledge". Wow, I mean bravo! Agnosticism is a lack of knowledge of something. Also, atheism as traditionally defined is simply "there is no god/s". That means definite knowledge, but the history may have slipped your mind. Why you seem to contradict yourself is not really surprising considering you are an atheist. But, you are like a presidential candidate that flip flops when ever it is convenient. My question to you is-- what books have you read in the last month-- you know what, that's right it-- doesn't matter. if you are going to defend atheism at least know what it is. Which leads me to believe that you are not really an atheists and if your rants on Christianity are any indicator of your psyche, I would have to guess you are a misotheist. You are upset because God did not give you a pony when you were a little girl-- right? You know I am.

Hello again, troll.

I couldn't make sense of your "definition" garble. Are you still trying to redefine the term by which I call myself? It seems like a rather lame way to try to "win" an argument.

Let's do this again, for the 400th time.

a·the·ism (from noun 1. the doctrine or belief that there is no God. 2. disbelief in the existence of a supreme being or beings.

I am an atheist by definition 2. I don't believe in a god because I have yet to hear any convincing evidence that there is such a thing. Do you have any? No. You're all about silly arguments about words.

"We define atheism as the lack of belief in gods." From our home page. Notice that this definition is almost the same as definition #2, above.

I'm sorry this is so difficult for you.

I have said in other posts that if someone DEFINES a particular god, a stronger claim can be made. This is because there is no consistent definition of what "god" means. Mankind has invented at least 20,000 of them. If you care to float a concise definition, I might be a strong atheist (definition 1) with respect to your pet god. I've asked you to define your god and you were unable, therefore you are not participating in an honest discussion. You're instead just complaining and spewing bullshit. Hence, you are a troll.

I asked whether you read any books because you accused me of never having read any. I work, for a living, too. The ACA is an all-volunteer organization. We don't have a conflict of interest like Christian ministers and, oh, William Lane Craig does, in that their incomes are tied to how many people they can con.

Misotheist? I hate the harm that believers have caused in the world. It seems, though that it's all harm for nothing as nobody seems to have any evidence for their god. Miso-ignorance might be a better characterization.

Please either define your god or give some concrete evidence for it, or continue being a troll.

Don I swear, your willful ignorance is staggering. Thanks for the insult, I am glad that you think that counts as intellect. Of course you did not understand because you do not care to. Despite the evidence you do not care about the truth. I know a lot of atheist-- none of which define atheism the way you do, because it is not atheism. Try looking up the word in technical work, for example The Encyclopedia of Philosophy, which was edited by an atheist. You did get one thing right and that is you are pretty sorry. Why do you keep going off on tangents? I am not talking about god or religion, but your ineptitude. Do you even know what a troll is? I have defined the god I believe in. Why are you so stupid? I swear, does anything get into that big head of yours? I watch your show and you sound like a mumbling idiot. Get your facts straight. And as one as i am able to put a halt to your atheist nonsense I will "troll" here. Apparently, you do not care about free speech.


I'm terribly sorry that the ACA is not organized under some philosophy club, as you want it to be. Maybe you can take it upon yourself to go harass a lexicographer now for listing a definition you don't approve of.

The fact is that people have invented thousands of gods. Here's a partial list ( I don't believe in any of them. I'm sure that you don't believe in all of them, so--guess what?--you're an atheist with respect to most. Do you feel compelled to go and prove each one doesn't exist?

I've looked at a number of philosophy dictionaries and they all define it as denial of "God". Note the capital G. That's a proper name that Christians use to define their god. It seems to me that any such definition in inherently biased and therefore suspect. I know of no reason why the Christian god deserves any special privilege, except perhaps to stroke the egos of Christians. Nobody has any evidence for this god above and beyond any of the others. Christians seem to need the equivocation fallacy to prop up their god. Isn't it ironic that Christians used to be called "atheists" for not believing in the Roman gods.

Anyway, if you have a particular god you do believe in, please name it and maybe I can be a strong atheist with respect to that god and show you just how silly it is. I imagine since you've steadfastly avoided even defining your god, you know your god won't come out alive in that little tussle. Until then, maybe you can pray that the world's definition of "atheist" changes in your favor.

Sorry for not responding sooner, I have been pretty busy. As far as agnosticism is concerned, yes it is about knowledge, but knowledge is a belief. You asked what books I have read in the last month. Well, I will list a few I read in the last few months:

Neuropsychology by Lezak Learning and Behavior by Chance Educational Psychology by Woolfolk Discover, SciAm, and Nat Geo mags

My reading list is is mostly for school. The mags are for fun. There are others I could list, but they are books or articles that I only read a few paragraphs of, but I will list a few:

I am a Michael Crichton fan (Jurassic Park 4 ever!!!), so I read part of Micro, Carte Blanche a new 007 novel, and I just bought the Routledge Concise Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

I do not have much of a social life, because of work and grad school, but I love to read. Oh, I also read bits of Ecclesiastes and Proverbs. So, that is about three months worth of reading. I have a library in my house that has over a thousand (give or take) books and mags. I am a bibliophile. I buy a lot of books from Goodwill, since Borders went out of business. So, I hope that answered your question and sorry for the delayed response.

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