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Atheist Community of Austin

Now usually, a persons religion can be identified by his family name (surname). And the origin of a person's name can be traced back to his/her religion. So my question is should all the atheists take one step further by creating a whole new nomenclature which would help them to be identified as atheist without expressly declaring it to the world?

Hey there,

I don't know if that statement about identification of religion by surname can really be asserted confidently. I think there are some religions in which name changes may occur, but generally it is the first time that seems to give the faith of one's background away.

Is there a need for atheists to identify themselves as atheists without expressing it openly to the world? For some religions I can see why one would choose a first or last name to pay homage to their faith, but that doesn't seem to be a priority if one is atheist...

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