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Life without god(s).

One might ask; why do we need god (or several gods)? This may seem arrogant but once again, we are probing objectively every aspect of the subject.

"We need him to protect us".

Against what?

"To save us from ourselves and from our original sin."

Was there ever one?

"Well then to give us hope."

But hope of what, an illusion?

The absence of god brings us to an interesting paradox. If god does not exist, (let us stay with the singular of god to simplify the text), then there are no laws of god, if there are no laws, there can be no sin if we understand sin in the sense of a breach of the laws of god. Therefore, we cannot say that we need god to pardon our sins because without him there are none. In other words, there cannot be any sins unless god exists but if god exists that does not mean the sins exist. God can exist without the necessity for such a thing as sins. Unless we have proof that god has established 'Laws, divine Laws', to this purpose, there is no such thing as a divine sin. I am not saying that there is no god. I am merely saying that I do not see the necessity for one though religion wants there to be an imperative to believe the way it says we should under false pretenses.

I am new to this website and I know that a similar thread has been running concerning the absence of god. I do not want to steal anyone's thunder. I am simply bringing in a different approach. May I also suggest that when one replies to a previous post, please just mention the person's name and the date of the referenced post, rather than copying and reprinting the exact same post a second time. It makes for confusion and lengthy reading and hard to stay on topic. It's what I call "drowning the fish". Thank you in advance.

Probably the shortest post ever from me..

Life without God is awesome.

Yet another post by Jay that you would expect a five year old to post. Awesome.

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