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Philosophy and religion as Bullshit.

As atheist, I do not have any hope of living forever in a paradise and I think that objectively there is no objective purpose to existence. To me the purpose of life is to survive-- that's it. Everything we say and do in life ultimately is meaningless in the end. We can philosophize. rationalize, intellectualize, and dogmatize reasons for living, but in reality it does not matter. In the end we are all going to die. As you may have guessed, I am an existential nihilist and I think it is unfortunate the bad press this position gets from both atheists and theists alike. I find it odd that my fellow atheists choose to bullshit their way through life like our religious cousins, but that's humanity for you. The point is, I realize the importance of living an " examined life" and I am sure there are people reading this thinking " I have to philosophize to reach my position, thereby refuting the position. I am an existential nihilist and not a epistemological nihilist. I think that it is possible to be one type of nihilist without contradicting my position. Also, I may think life is meaningless in the end, but that does not mean I should just commit suicide. Why, would I do that, especially if I agree with Diogenes that there is no difference between them. I think that question is in the same category of unsophisticated questions as "why do atheists care about religion" and "give a shit about a cross at Ground Zero". Philosophy and religion are both ways of knowing, but only philosophy is still philosophy without religion. Religion with out philosophy is nonsense and mythical stories. So, if I have to belive in some form of bullshit before I die I choose philosophy guided by science. But, that does not change the outcome.

I think that in order for atheists to be consistent they have to be existential nihilists. Atheist existentialists believe that they can create their own meaning/purpose in this world, but run the risk of bullshitting themselves. I must admit if we are to live in the world we have to have a reason, but that does not mean we cannot let reality be the determiner of our decisions. I am a moral nihilist but that does not mean I do not consider the benefits of being ethically minded. People who are not themselves nihilists often make the mistake in thinking that just because I am an a nihilist I must not be philosophical, ethical, or want to live. You are correct that this is the same uncritical thinking that religious people use to question atheists. But, this is the way of the world and it will not change. Humanity will go extinct and that will put an end to the nonsense we cling to.

Thanks for responding Jason. It is nice to know that there is at least another person out there not afraid to accept reality as it is and not create more bullshit to make themselves feel better.

There is no such thing as "objective" meaning; it is inherently SUBJECTIVE. Therefor, the only sense in which you could even possibly say your life has meaning is to acknowledge that we give our own lives meaning. Your values give your life meaning.

Does it matter to you whether you are happy or sad? Poof!--Meaning. Do you care for your family? Poof!--Meaning.

Regardless of what you think is meaningful it still does not matter.

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