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Atheist Community of Austin
Atheism in the Uk...

It must be fantastic being an Atheist in America, it's very boring in England as nobody believes in god and probably haven't done since the 19th century. I presume it has something to do with Henry the 8th starting the C of E and thus introducing Divorce over 400 years ago but as a whole we are an Atheist nation, throughout my 38 years I have not known anyone that attends a church other than for Marriage ceremonies and yet I now find out that Americans believe that Atheists are the most untrusted people in the world.. Wow, I think you should be telling England, France,Germany etc because we all didn't realise this.. (I mean nobody trusts the French anyway but I didn't realise this was because they were Atheists)..Anyway loving the debates on Youtube and am now a proud member of the ACA (English division..)

Cheers Chris..

I wouldn't go a far and say that no one believes in god in the UK, Germany or France. Actually many people do, but they are no where close to being fundamental. My girlfriend is a Religious Education teacher and a good friend is becoming a pastor, however, they would never say the world was made in 7 days or that any of the stories in the bible is the exact word of god. They would always favour an scientific explanation over a religious one.

I totally agree, that it must be fantastic to be atheist in the US. I have never met a European to start a discussion with about the creation of the world, simply because everyone accepts scientific explanations.

So, why are there more fundamental Christians in the US? Is it because they all moved over there over the centuries? What made Europe so much more secular?

I'll be heading to town now, maybe I can find some evangelising Mormons to discuss with =)

Great show anyways, always great fun to watch it and to observe the massive differences in our culture.

cheers from Germany benni

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