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Throughout many decades many people have claimed to see ghosts/spirits in their homes and other places. I personally know several people who have seen stuff like this in their house. Although it is has not SCIENTIFICALLY been proven that such things exitst there have been so many claims to this and some people have even caught strange things on film and by photograph of things that do indeed look like some sort of spirit. So basically my question is if these things do actaully exist that proves that there is some sort of afterlife atleast for some people.

Could it be evidence of people who are leaking through from alternate realities? Could it be evidence of (fill in just about anything)?

Why must it necessarily be evidence of an afterlife?

"So basically my question is if these things do actually exist that proves that there is some sort of afterlife at least for some people."

That 'proves' nothing of the sort. If anything, it suggests more people hallucinate than may have previously been considered. Indeed, with the varying degrees of environmental degradation of late, there are likely to be many more side-effects to the various neuro-toxins that have leeched into our air and water manifesting themselves in human behavior and even thought.

Please look up Occam's Razor.

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