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Atheist has predictive dreams

A few years ago, I had a few experiences over the course of several years that at the young age of 13 confused the hell out of me and still does. I am hoping that you might be able to point me in a direction that explains what I have experienced.

When I was 8, I had a dream which I remember quite well, it simply involved me (in my dream) getting out of bed, and walking into the front room, where my dad was sitting in his chair reading the newspaper "The Sun". East-enders was on TV, and my mum said "Oh you're finally up then". I woke up, and the exact set of events occurred in the same order.

At first I was a little shocked, but later dismissed it as coincidence. Two years later, I had a dream about my grandmother, who was in a nursing home down the road from where I live, being sent to hospital and then visiting about a week later and being late by about 5-10 minutes. In the dream she dies just before we get to the hospital. I remember in the dream rushing through the hospital, pushing the doors open and getting to the ward she was on, only to find that she was dead.

A week later we get a call in the middle of the night, from a doctor telling us that she might be about to go, and we should come to the hospital right away. So my mum wakes me and my sister up, and we call the taxi firm and get a taxi to the hospital.

We were about 10 minutes late. Apparently she passed away peacefully, but the death of my Nan pushed the thought of my dreams to the back of my mind.

A year later, my family were getting ready for the birthday of my older sister Emma, who is 24 this year. Every year my mum puts on a small party/barbecue to celebrate. It's not much, but we still have fun and invite a few friends round for some drinks. Of course, that year was one that every American and many others will remember for many years to come. Two days before that party, I had another dream. This one was quite simple, yet horrifying. It was simply a burning building, with a collapsed ceiling and a male on the floor, trapped by the collapsed ceiling, crying out for help . I woke up to find my family, half way through decorating the garden with balloons and decorations, all staring at the TV, I obviously did not need to ask what was going on, and the party was cancelled.

These are not the only moments in my life that do not make any sense to me. When I visited my other grandmother, who lived in Cornwall and every year we would go down to visit for the school holidays. Every year we would get the coach back to Brighton and wave from the back of the coach. The last time I went to visit, I had an enormous sense of despair and sadness as the coach pulled away, more so than usual. Three weeks later, she was found dead in her apartment by the neighbour.

As a strange summary, this happens randomly with no real way of telling when these dreams will take place. It might be simple coincidence, and I have tried to convince myself that they are. But something is always nagging me to look into these strange phenomena. I don't take drugs, I don't drink excessively and have never smoked. (Obviously certain drugs can cause memory problems and can cause hallucinations).

I'm an atheist and have no scientific explanation to the occurrence of these dreams, nor to the importance of the subjects there about. I know this is not strictly religious, but I felt that I had to post this.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Craig Richard Broughton

Those 2 out of 3 dreams sound incredibly generic to me. I'm sure some might disagree and say third is just as generic, but hey ill give you credit that you had that third dream on the eve of 9/11.

Purely just looking at the numbers, it would be odd not to have such predictive dreams once or twice in your lifetime, especially if they are pretty generic as yours. People have multiple dreams a night, which is often forgotten shortly after waking up. Out of ten thousands of dreams you have had, (which usually are about things in your life. You worries, insecurities, hopes for future etc) you've had a few that matches the event you had in life.

Even your third dream... the odds of having such dream on the eve of 9/11 isn't all that amazing to me. Your dream was very generic description of what could be applied to a lot of disasters. It would interesting however if you had terrorists and planes in your dream.

And on top of all that, even if you did have such amazingly specific predictive dream about 9/11, it may be amazing on the individual level, but if you consider the probability of the entire human population having at least 1 specific predictive dream in its entire human history, it doesn't sound amazing. Probably low and unlikely, but not amazing. That it happened to you might be, but it had to be someone if it did right?

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