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Critical Thinking -vs- A Critical Tongue

Without pointing a finger at anyone specific, I would like to suggest that for those who offer harsh criticism toward others in these forums (aside from addressing a direct attack from someone), not everyone here is a scholar. Some people have invested a lot of money in their education (and it shows), while others simply do not have the financial means to gain an equal education. There is always a point of discovery for everyone and that is only ever achieved through teaching.

While the entire ocean might already have been sailed, for each new sailor, the ocean is yet to be discovered. While dictionaries and encyclopedias are available by the masses of volumes, for each newborn human, reading and understanding is yet to be learned.

There is no such thing as parody in self-representation when sincerity is the driving force behind inquisitive scrutiny. I believe that no matter how insane someone's conclusion is, they have arrived at their conclusion through a different set of means than anyone else. Philosophy; the rational investigation of questions about existence and knowledge and ethics, still allows for any personal belief about how to live or how to deal with a situation, no matter how mentally deranged that philosophy might be. After all, what is "rational"?

Rational: Having its source in or being guided by the intellect (as distinguished from experience or emotion).

Insulting someone does not help to persuade anyone through the rational mechanism of teaching, nor does insulting someone add to the welfare of education in any attempt of ever achieving rational wisdom.

Insulting someone with a critical tongue is, however, a clear failure to effectively communicate critical thinking. my opinion.

No matter the pseudonym, it's the same complaint. People who demonstrate that they don't know anything shouldn't be insulting other people. Also, people who are proposing ridiculous concepts like (the elements are encoded in Genesis) while using poor grammar and misspelling words like (grammar) shouldn't be insulting everyone that told them that they were wrong, and many people did. They shouldn't be surprised at getting insulted, but fundies go whining "poor me" when they are told how ignorant they are every time. There is nothing that indicates that they want to learn anything. They don't want to learn they want to dominate. The first insults came from the jerk that was told he was wrong, they didn't start with the person whose been complained about for eons.

"What a piece of work is a man" comes from Shakespeare's Hamlet. I'll shorten it to "what a piece of work."

Respect is earned, not given. People who behave like decent human beings are treated with respect.

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