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Help with the PTB: Linda

This post is for Linda responding to your post (Posted Jan 31, 2007 at 2:56 am) where you mentioned.

"I was isolated and harassed all the time I was in school. I walked into one of my classes in high school one day and when I started to sit down everyone gasp! When I looked at them they said the boy who sat behind me committed suicide"

I have had family members try this twice on me now along with many other tactics such as drugging me with something that makes me really scared (of everything). There are many other things that they do but many of them are so subtle that either I sound like I am crazy to mention it or I just have a hard time explaining it. This has been going on for several years now. They have invaded make jobs. I have quit two jobs in the past two years because of their presence/influence.

I know the people that are the ring leaders. They area very rich and powerful family here in the Austin area. I now remember seeing this done to several people in the past when I was working for them. They have all been converted to whatever it is these people want.

Linda if you can I would like to know more about what is going on. They have invaded my life, my family and my mind and they won't go away. I have checked myself into mental hospitals thinking that I am going crazy. I refuse to give in to these thugs Linda and lately it feels like it will cost me my life.

I also feel like they have a Christian adjenda because they attempted to get me to go to church for a long period of time as well.

Looking for help. JW

There are many web sites about "gang stalking" that describe this crime, which has been developing over the past couple of decades, and is evidently happening throughout this country. There is a web site titled Gang Stalking World.Com. The reason for the "Gang Stalking" is to gain control over that person, or to destroy their lives. Hired civilian spies keep the targeted person under surveillance. The target is subjected to psychological harassment and they are careful not to leave evidence. Like Cointelpro investigations, everyone in the target's life is contacted and asked to be a part of the monitoring (harassment), which is meant to destroy the target's life and leave them with nothing. There are web pages with "misinformation" (in my opinion) a diversion (to throw people off their trail.)

Nearly all of the web sites I have found describe some form of "gang stalking". Some of the people who have put web pages up are not sure why this is happening to them. I hope this will enlighten you. Just because most people don't or won't talk about "it" does not mean gang stalking is not happening. In 2001 David Lawson, private investigator, wrote a book titled "Terrorist Stalking in America" that describes his experiences researching the highly networked stalking groups in the United States and Canada. Lawson's book appears to be the first book that exposes this criminal activity. The book does a good job of describing the different types of group stalking, and probably does accurately describe it, but I don't think he gets to the "why" or "who" of the matter, though there could be various reasons for becoming a target. He does say that it is Corporate funded. So, that could include people who might be whistleblowers. I found a web page titled "ORGANIZED STALKING SLIDESHOW" I'm sure you could put that in search and find it. This is a page put up by a person who got a series of still pictures of a stalking instance and you can click on the numbers 1- 17 and see what is happening.

I realized a long time ago that an unholy alliance of religion, business, and political interests controls this country. Too many unbrainwashed people could be very bad for them. In this process politics and religion seem to have been reunited. Orwell's '1984' describes how radical fascism mixed with radical xianity is very threatening to our liberty and freedom. Ah, then I begin to understand why so many people (who should know better) doggedly followed nut case religion, and why most people didn't protest when they started the amalgamation of government, religion, and corporate interests. We have given away far too much power to this conglomerate. It's all interconnected. The book 1984 by George Orwell is a testimony to how subtle their techniques are. People do acknowledge "religious brainwashing", but they are always referring to the victims of some other religion. In America in the 30's extreme fanaticism was predominately in the rural areas, but as they began to move from the farm to the cities they brought their ignorance and superstition with them. They resented the fact that by the 30's educated people were becoming very progressive. They were not interested in Holy Roller Rants. (This can cause them to foam at the mouth.) That's what provoked these ignorant fanatics to start a movement determined to reestablish, through the political process, the social support that the group's values once commanded (with ignorant uneducated clods in the sticks.)

Non-targets who learn about these life-destroying crimes should help. Be careful whom you talk to because these stalkers are in almost every organization. Nazi Germany is a good example (actually I think it was modeled after it.) The Nazis murdered millions of Jews, other minorities, and non-conformists. Most of the citizens of Germany in the 30's didn't see what was coming. By the time they did, it was too late to speak out against the Nazis. The German government of the 30's picked off voices of dissent, systematically replacing the governing boards of institutions seat by seat, much the way the theocratic right/left has taken over here. The election probably won't change anything, because they are in control. The theocratic right/left seeks to establish dominion, or control, over society. They were one seat away from holding a solid majority on the Supreme Court. I'm amply convinced that this is how gang stalking started, and like anything that is sordid and cowardly it attracts low self esteem people who are devoted to "humbuggery" insane pointless "fun & games." From what I have read most people have no idea how they got on the hit list, and hell- they don't even know what they want (in some instances I think it's motivated by jealousy.) These overbearing resentful fervent devotees want a lump of mush that they can mold into a cookie cutter image of themselves. These victims will be willing to do anything to get them to stop, because they tell vicious lies about the target. I don't know why anyone doubts they are thoroughly capable of this when numerous stories of their sordid activities have been exposed. This gang stalking is accompanied by the use of electronics, cell phones, computers, listening devices, cameras, and scanners. There is a web site that has statistics on the numbers of persons reporting gang or network stalking in America and Canada. I think it was one in every thousand person. They believed that they are justified in committing these crimes. I think that these stalkers don't see what they are doing as a crime. God's law is above man's law (according to these fanatics) and they are "doing the Lord's work" by harassing targets. After all "Jesus can't return until every knee is bowed" to them! And they are getting paid. But there are bogus web sites suggesting finding Jesus will make all this crap go away. Interesting that they know what all this crap is in detail.

The stalkers have the benefit of the fact that most people will never grasp what is happening every day in the life of the target. If they tell people who have never had this experience they don't understand because it's never happened to them, or in some instances they know exactly what's happening and they lie. Some people who are stalking targets said it has gone on for years, and often for life. The average person just doesn't believe that an ordinary person can become the target of harassment for no visible reason. From what I have read it seems that although there are stalking laws that do protect people from one stalker the police don't enforce stalking and harassment laws if a target complains of multiple stalkers. They say that the police will not even file the complaints of organized stalking with an official file number. This keeps gang stalking out of crime statistics, and makes it impossible for targets to expose and stop these crimes. I 'm convinced from what I know that people have become homeless, committed suicide and died because of this activity. Targets report that since around 2000, a small number of legislators are taking some interest in exposing and stopping these crimes.

Non-targets should search the web for "gang stalking," "anti-stalking" look for information that is posted. Targets don't discuss the crime with anyone you suspect is involved. In some instances associates are a source of information. There is a reward and punishment system. The more people who know about gang stalking the better. It also will make their petty little endeavors more difficult to pull off and/or hide. There is a lot more that I know such as: gas lighting, loaded language, etc…But this is long enough already.

Hello JW, I have had similar experiences to you and Linda. In my case, there is definitely a religious reason behind the harassment. I had e-mails sent to me on my job that were threatening and religious (one of them stated that if I didn't pass on the "angel's message" terrible things could happen-like the death of a loved one). Don't even get me started on trying to go to college in Texas. Every classroom I've been in has included inappropriate behavior on the part of the teacher-either flat out preaching the bible, or other offensive behavior/remarks. The one thing I regret most is that when I was harassed I didn't always take action. I definitely should have. You should, too. You should get a restraining order against anyone you know is deliberately harassing you. There are definitely others out there who know what you are going through-type in "gang stalking" on google and you will find many links.

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