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iam a muslim , ask me a question !


Why don't you post something useful?

Would any harm come to me if I were to travel to Saudi Arabia and Saudi authorities were to discover that I do not believe in God?

I find it "interesting" that the Islamic religion has more fundamentalists (by percentage) than any other religion. Muhammad, the non-original non-prophet, was a dope-head that slaughtered old men, women, and children during his attacks on merchant caravans…because of his anger at being rejected from the towns, because of his disruption of commerce with his cultists. According to your religious law, blasphemous individuals should be put to death. I enjoy blasphemy. I like to talk about Moo-Ham-Id in less flattering ways.

Why should blasphemers be put to death? Give me a reason, not a scripture. If Muslims believe as Muhammad said, "You cannot force faith," then would it be relative to believe that 'you cannot force piety?'

I have other serious issues, such as; female and male circumcision. If your god is perfect, then its 'human creation' would be perfect as well. What makes Faith-Heads think that they have the right to modify the human body, by cutting off parts? Many Islamic fundamentalists don't want to cut their beards, so why should they cut their foreskins and clitorises?

It is not just Muslims, but Jews and U.S. Christians that engage in this tribal-cult practice. I am disgusted by every act of genital mutilation.

Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are religions of hate and violence. Would you not be better off being a humanist? I don't like any organized religion, but I'd have to say that Islam is one of the most evil belief systems.

Response? Or is this 'really' a Christian that wants to pull heat off their religion, or find ammo for their own prostylitizing.

hello Greenmagi I see that you don't know what you are talking about , you have now idea of what islam is , islam means peace and also admitting to god from islam comes the word muslim , someone who is admitting that there is a god now that you now this let me start from the roots if you would like to understand something, you should alwasy start from the begining not from the top but from the buttom , beside this you should also put all you preconceptions and ego away before you learn something new

if we want to start from the bottom then I give you the basics of islam which are :

believe in one god pray to that god give charity to fast in the mont ramadan and go to hadj

if you see any evil in these basics please contact me, because then you either didn't knew this or you are mentally ill

To: Choosemyname

Did you notice that the first message was from (Mohamed) not Mohammed? Is it a different Mohamed? Or does he know how to spell Mohammed? And does any of the rhetoric sound like a right wing fundamentalist Christian?

I think it is sad that anyone feels the need to vilify any one religion, or to vilify those without any belief. Humiliating others on the basis of an individual or community's act is intolerance in itself. Provoking hate is immoral and a sign of intolerance (atheist do have moral values.) When a religion, culture or historical heritage is targeted by the another religion it is to stir up hate in order to gain something, power, followers, favor, or approval…. Etc.

One man Mohammed defines Islam. Also Mohammed is not God, but a prophet and teacher. (Some theists believe he was Jesus.) Muslims believe he was the perfect man they try to imitate him just as Christians do with their (prophet) turned God Jesus. The example he set, the laws he passed and the message he preached were 'good for all time'. The words he spoke were said to have been given to him directly from God and preserved unchanged and in their entirety in the Koran. (Sound familiar?) Mohammed provided an 'excellent code of conduct' and in creating Islam, he not only founded a religion but formed a socio-political and moral structure that underpins each and every aspect of a Muslim's life. A later theme of Mohammed's teachings extolled the even distribution of wealth and charity to the poor. This may stem from the poverty of his early years. He later became a very wealthy man and was very concerned and generous to the poor. (Possible reason for the right wing malevolence.)

Before Mohammed the society was polytheistic or pagan; that is the people worshipped many Gods and Goddesses. (So did the Christians.) Within Mecca was a holy shrine called the Ka'bah, which housed pagan idols many of these were Gods and Goddesses. (The Romans turned their pagan temples into Christian temples but still had the pagan idols and some churches in Europe do to this day.) By controlling access to the Ka'bah, the Quraysh were a major tribe in the area and became wealthy and powerful from the many pilgrims to the shrine. Ubu'l Kassim's family were camel-traders and, although his parents had died by the time he was six, Ubu'l was cared for first by his grandfather and then his uncle Abu Talib who named him Mustafa, (or Mohammed, meaning 'chosen one'). His uncle encouraged him to become part of the family business and the trading caravans took Mohammed far and wide around Arabia.

At the age of 25, Mohammed was hired as a salesman by a woman called Khadija bint Khuwaylid, actually a distant cousin, to travel to Syria and sell her goods. It was a successful trip as he doubled her wealth at a stroke. Upon his return in 595 AD, she proposed marriage and became Mohammed's first wife.

Mohammed became a wealthy man of influence. He was also devoutly religious. During the Holy Month of Ramadan, in common with many men of the Quraysh, he would go into seclusion for the whole month and pray constantly. It was during one of these periods of seclusion in 610AD that he began to have dreams which he later described as visitations from the angel Gabriel, a familiar figure in the Jewish and Christian religions. In the dreams, Gabriel told Mohammed to read and recite back what he showed him. Mohammed protested that he could not read. So Gabriel instructed him to memorize what he told him. By repeated dreams over the following 22 years of Mohammed's career as a prophet, he received the detailed instructions from Allah, (God) which were transcribed as the Koran (which translates as 'to read' or 'to recite').

As far fundamentalists attacking people, they all do that. Some American fundamentalists will attack you when you tell them that you want no part of their religion, and they have killed people who were gay. So, if the other religions are doing the same things than it is wrong. To deny people the right to religious freedom or any other freedom is sick. What perfect person would advocate this? If there is a God you should allow him the privilege of taking care of infidels? Those who indoctrinate people really don't believe any of this crap, but they have to keep the bewildered flock bewildered. (I'm talking about all religions.) So, they slander people that know what liars they all are. If there is a God, why not let God deal with it.

That religious competition is the single most destructive thing that humanity just can't rise above is a fact. (Not any of them), and one is no better than the other one is, they are so alike. "What profit has not that fable of Christ brought us!" - Pope Leo X 1513 -1521

First of all, Islam is only @ 200 yrs. (roughly) in it's existence. Secondly, why are so angry that you jump to assume that this was from a "Christian" (because of a typo)? Maybe it was from a Christian (Islam is not Chrisian). Oops! Spelling error! Must be from a Mohamed due to the (right wing fundamentalism that is sure to entail)..... Linda, lighten up on things. Trust me, many out their could spank you on so many things that spew. Your forceful anger will lead people in a direction that similar to Hitler. Why should they look and research the truth or historicity if they have you tellin' them what to believe. Why not tell them to own up to their thoughts are look into the sources that abound. We need to look at both side and be logical about it. Atheists merely tell. Theologians say look, read, discover, review the facts.

QUOTE: "First of all, Islam is only @ 200 yrs. (roughly) in it's existence."

Islam dates to the early 600s, when the prophet Muhammad (c. 570-632) received a revelation from Allah (God) and began gathering followers. The three major monotheistic world religions are based on the god of Abraham.

Someone just posted a caution on another thread (to two other atheists) telling them not to use the bible for arguments with Xians. A summary of their reasoning seems to be (Xians have good arguments) which is clearly false. I find it disingenuous to discuss the atrocities of other religions, and leave out the atrocities of the Xian relgion, and I have to wonder why an atheist would. Many atheists have very long arguments on this message board with Xians on biblical topics; the atheists always know far more than the Xians, and many of the atheists have told them off royally.

Atheists know more about religion, and have more accurate information, than most theists, and that's why Xians don't want atheists to discuss the bible. The study of all the world religions would, I think, be necessary to have an informed opinion about what you don't believe. Only someone who has done that can actually say with any certainty that they reject religion, all religion. A careful review of ancient religious beliefs and practices reveals many parallels. All religions teach that they are the only 'true' religion, and atheists have no reason to display any kind of religious prejudice. I see absolutely no reason any informed atheist or biblical scholar would have in pointing out the atrocities of any one religion, there are plenty of atrocities to go around for everyone. I wouldn't want to count bodies, as far as any genocide is concerned, since the Xians would probably have a huge body count.

Most theists promote the idea that atheists don't know anything about religion. I recently read a Xian article that stated atheists should learn more about religion (that's hysterically funny, since many religious scholars are atheists.) There is a difference in the study of religion, and indoctrination into a religion. Scholarship requires an in depth study of all the world religions devoid of any prejudice. Most credible theological scholars are detached from any bias. Someone who has just read the bible is not a biblical scholar. Formidable biblical scholars point out the false statements made by the clergy on the subject of religion all the time. Most biblical scholars know much more about all religions, and there origins, than the clergy; that's why theists won't debate them. It has become only too apparent to the scholars that what they have found is not accepted by uninformed people who are not looking for answers. Almost without exception humanists and atheists believe that a deeper understanding of all religion, including Islam, and their place in history would bring about more understanding and less violence in the world.

Nobody is prevented from doing research because of anyone's posts on this board. Many atheists have corrected the fallacies and lies concerning the bible on this message board, as well as, science and loads of other subjects. In addition, people using pseudonyms insulting them because they were proven wrong followed some of them all over the message board. That's what prevents them from doing research, and it's obvious that they don't do research. They are only posting their preconceived notions and prejudices and do not expect to have any opposition. That's called spewing dogma. Disagreement is why people are atheists. People can disagree on any subject, but those who are disagreeing should know the facts. Anyone can claim someone is mistaken, but unless you can produce the "mistake" and a better answer, there is no point.

You need to read some of the atheists that have had arguments with all kinds of people on this board. Some of them are far less tolerant than I am.

Excuse me, Mr. Choosemyname, (I shall Choose, Billy!)

Exactly what portion(s) of my statement do you find incorrect, Billy? Please attack any of my premises. If you can show me the err of my ways, then I'll openly confess my ignorance, and become stronger through it.

I know that Islam should be capitalized. So that's Green 1 - Billy 0.

I agree; to build understanding, one should establish a strong foundation, a "buttom." Green 1 - Billy 1.

I disagree with your belief that students should shun all previous experiences when faced with a new subject; by comparing & contrasting new-information with/against old-information, we construct the scaffolding of our minds and worldviews. And why should I humble myself before a thing that is not evident. I am a proud Warrior, that respects all good works while standing against all evil agents. Why should I bow my head to something you "claim" exists. Anything that demands my humility had best step-up to the plate and prove itself worthy of impotence.

So I shall keep my stored knowledge, and use it against any illogical or contradictory proposition; especially when it demands any measure of my attention.

So also, I shall keep my ego. (i>u)

Billy, why not just establish that there are five fundamental beliefs of Islam? I deny the first premise; There is one God and Muhammad is his prophet. A double-whammy; I do not believe in god, nor do I believe Muhammad to be a prophet.

You argue that because "islam" defines itself as peaceful, then it is factual. Let me let you in on a very secret, secret. As long as there has been a human language, there have been liars.

Seriously, do you think I'm mentally ill? I am a little crazy, but its in a nice way.


How is it morally justified to force young girls into marriage?

You may recall when Congress actually took the time to pass a bill affirming the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith, with House Resolution 847. Introduced Dec 6, 2007 and Passed House Dec 11, 2007. The Religious Right at work on things that really matter to idiots.

To prove that they cannot be distracted (no matter how bad things are in the world) House Resolution 888, "Affirming the rich spiritual and religious history of our Nation's founding and subsequent history and expressing support for designation of the first week in May as 'American Religious History Week' for the appreciation of and education on America's history of religious faith," gained 18 new co-sponsors on February 12, raising the number from 44 to 62.

The Greeks used letters as numbers not having numerals separate from the alphabet. So, the letters in any word or phrase can be added up to make a number. The name "Jesus", in the Greek spelling, totals 888.

One of the resolves that appears between the lines is one stating that Congress "rejects, in the strongest possible terms, any effort to remove, obscure, or purposely omit such history from our Nation's public buildings and educational resources."

Instead of just stating that the Supreme Court has not declared this country a Christian nation, and not voting on this crap, the U.S. House Passes Historic Ramada Resolution: A resolution recognizing the Muslim holy month of Ramada and expressing the "deepest respect to Muslims in the United States and throughout the world" was adopted in the U.S. House of Representatives October 2, 2007, by a vote of 376-0. They also passed Idiotic Resolutions to prove they were not biggots on the other main religions of the world.

Partition in 1947 India and Pakistan were formed and hundreds of thousands were killed in religious clashes. Garkhal, India, Aug 13 2008 - When a mob shouting praises for a Hindu god torched this Muslim hamlet, any hopes of religious peace in India's Kashmir state may have been destroyed along with these charred homes and scarred drums of ruined wheat. This could be very bad indeed since India has nuclear weapons.

I don't want to leave out that when they were passing the "importance of Christmas" House Resolution 847 around December 11, 2007. On December 15 2007 just a few days later in the midst of the Jewish Festival of Lights, four Jewish men in New York City were attacked on the subway for replying to a group of ten people who wished them a "Merry Christmas" with a similar greeting: "Happy Hanukkah." For this, these men were first insulted, then beaten. It was a Muslim man who came to their physical defense. How's that for spreading the love of Jesus and other deities.

This country was founded a constitutional republic. As far as the one-upmanship it seems that no single religion can claim exclusive rights for being the most ridiculous.

Your holy book clearly states that you to deal with non-believers by offering them the three choices of death, paying tribute or converting. I do not see how this can be reconciled with a faith of Peace and goodwill. Your book is quite clear about what is required. Aren't Muslims who treat non-believers as friends in some way betraying their faith?

Arthur Schlesinger, in "The Cycles of American History," wrote that "the great religious ages were notable for their indifference to human rights in the contemporary sense -- not only for their acquiescence in poverty, inequality and oppression, but for their enthusiastic justification of slavery, persecution, torture and genocide."

I think that it is very possible that we will all be fighting Christian fascism before it's all over. The new political religion is directing its' efforts toward taking control of all institutions, including mainstream denominations and the government. They want to use the United States to create a global Christian empire. This calls for fundamentalists and an evangelical to take political power is radical and is not the traditional Christianity. Sinclair Lewis said, "when fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."

Dogmatic movements are built on economic despair. The loss of whole industries, the homeless, unemployed, the bleakness of the American working class, the obliteration of whole communities, and the current assault on the middle class (an economic Pearl Harbor) that the media has been calling a recession (what planet do they live on) it can't be here.

The right wing religious rhetoric is an apocalyptic religious ideology, a belief that through war we will eradicate the sinful world. Of coarse we also have to go through the tribulation, which I think they have had a great deal to do with causing (a self-fulfilling prophecy.)

The problems we are facing in the United States have been ignored by the both parties, which have abandoned the working class for massive corporate funding.

The Christian Right will now have millions of "faith based initiative" dollars to pour into their endeavors. Those who have been forsaken by the political system will have to go begging to them for handouts, or a miracle. They know what is best for them God tells them what is going to happen so these charlatans can guide them. God has a plan for them and Jesus will guide and protect them.

Science we no longer need because now we have magic. The loss of jobs, health insurance, or homes does not matter; they are saving your soul not your home.

And along with all of this has come the idea that those who do not conform to their religious and political concept should be killed. Muslims, Jews, Hindu, Buddhist etc…. Anyone who refuses to submit to the movement of (the god of profit at the expense of citizens.)

Father Malachi Martins' books are very informative and honest about what the ambitions are amongst the devout. "The Jesuits" is about his former religious order and its descent into sheer insanity.

Fr. Malachi Martin never recanted any of his claims that the scene in "Windswept House" was based on an actual satanic ritual in the Vatican. He seriously questioned the true motives of the Religious Right. He died some years ago and some people believe he was murdered. I am not religious but these are very informative and scholarly books.

Being human it would take an extremely enlightened individual to not put their own interests and personal beliefs in what they assume is a higher power's will. The only two people that I would even consider apply to that pantheon would be Buddha and the Dalai Lama; and even that is questionable to me.

Jesus was a revolutionary/separatist with no military power whatsoever and a handful of followers so all he could do were to preach peace, love and understanding. Arguably he could have been the first practitioner of civil disobedience (read your Thoreau). What he did and what happened in reality compared to what his followers and post-followers wrote decades after his execution is unfortunately lost to time because he was the object of history's most successful PR campaign. Try to do that now with the Internet!

Muhammad was an outcast and all he could do to earn a livelihood was raid (a normal and acceptable practice in that part of the world back then). His found religion was a nice excuse to gather more soldiers and the jihad (one of the pillars of Islam) was a convenient vehicle to further his own gains. Monotheism worked best for him since all the tribes worshipped their own main god (360 gods were in the in the Kabah) and since his goal was to unite them under his banner . . . well, the Mecans (where he lived at the time) worshipped Allah so he probably figured it would be better for his throat to stay in one piece to make Allah the one true god.

Obviously I am oversimplifying everything to a large degree but it is the truth when you knock it down to one paragraph.

The obvious truth is this: 3 religions from the same place with the same god and the same "characters" with more reasons to be united with each other than against and yet they hate each other (in the extreme examples) and they fight each other. All the more reason to question why people still practice these myths. People need to look to faith in themselves and not try to make it bigger than what it is by imposing it on a magic man in the sky who oversees billions of galaxies and yet has time to send a message to a jerk with a bomb vest to kill a 2 year old child because someone occupies a pile of hot sand and rock that they think belongs to them.

Everyone needs to reflect on the Golden Rule, practiced by every religion that has any body of reasoning behind it. If I don't want it done to me or my children, why the hell would I want to do it to someone else or their children?! If we think with that one paramount truth in our hearts and minds we could actually get on with being human beings rather than Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Bahais, or, heck, even Mormons.

Don't overcomplicate to obvious … People Suck!

"Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it." Henry David Thoreau

How are you?

Peace Mohammed! Wow, I hope all this ire you stirred up didn't give you a bad impression of atheists. I happen to be a scummy person in many ways, but I try to act nice with people so that I can learn from them and vice versa. Here's a question for you: Is America a good place to be a Muslim? Peace, out, Adam.


QUOTE - "Peace Mohammed! Wow, I hope all this ire you stirred up didn't give you a bad impression of atheists. I happen to be a scummy person in many ways, but I try to act nice with people so that I can learn from them and vice versa. Here's a question for you: Is America a good place to be a Muslim? Peace, out, Adam."

Most of the comments that were nasty didn't come from atheists. Not too many atheists have a dog in that fight.

As I have already stated, I find it disingenuous to discuss the atrocities of other religions, but leave out the atrocities of the Xian religion, and I have to wonder why an atheist would. The study of all the world religions would be, I think, necessary to have an informed opinion about what you don't believe. Only someone who has done that can actually say with any certainty that they reject religion, all religion. All religions teach that they are the only 'true' religion, and atheists have no reason to display any kind of religious prejudice. After all every one of them want the atheist to suffer in hell forever (they all hate us.)

I see absolutely no reason any informed atheist or biblical scholar would have in pointing out the atrocities of any one religion, there are plenty of atrocities to go around for everyone. I wouldn't want to count bodies, due to the fact that as far as genocide is concerned, the Xians would probably have a huge body count.

The xians will show them the error of their ways! They will convert them! Actually it's nice to have somebody that the xians can try to convert, and attack for a change!

Here is my question: Why didn't you answer any of the questions people asked you?

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