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TV Land attacked by fundies

I was sent a link to this earlier today, and I shook my head, then responded.

TV Land had a campaign for a "OMIGOD!" (Oh My God) 80's weekend. Apparently, this really pissed off the fundies, and they have launched a letter writing campaign against TV Land. It has even been getting press on their message boards.

As was said in the email I received,

"Apparently, the use of the phrase "Oh My God" poses some sort of catastrophic threat to our society. The worst part is that I can no longer find the promo anywhere on the TV Land website. It seems as if the network has caved to the fascist Christian jihadists."

Here's an easy way to show that we are part of their demographic as well. Remember, Christians will write letters, and if we keep quiet, that is the only voice that gets heard.

Thanks, --Richard

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