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Atheist Community of Austin
Scientology is a Global Scam

Germany is seeking to ban scientology nation-wide. The German Gov. considers Scientology a Commercial Enterprise That takes advantage of vulnerable people, under the protective cloak of religion. Blackmailing, starving and coersing members into complete subservience and regular donations of percentages of income as well as forcing members to will inheritances solely to the church of scientology.

Their inner doctrines are filled with obvious lies from the mouth of a science fiction author about an alien god named xenu that demands all your money, and complete subserviance. Research indicates alot of deaths of cult members under shady circumstances.

We must work against these forces to try and stop the brainwashing of these lemmings for financial profit by these evildoers. This is heavens gate "religious group" on steroids.'s_Gate_(cult)

Saturday March 10th is Xenu day international, anyone interested is encouraged to organize in front of the Austin scientology headquarters.

consider giving this leaflet to loved ones you feel might be threatened by the influence of scientologists:

Thank you for you time.

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