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Atheist Community of Austin
Simple Rules for Success in Anything secrets of the Universe Revealed

Rule One Always strive to meet or exceed other peoples expectations in everything you do

Rule Two constantly strive to improve everything you do

Rule Three Set positive goals (never negative objectives) SPECIFIC GOALS Visualize them and meditate on them.

Rule Four -- I forgot his one need to relearn it -- it has to do with overcoming the constraints of time and energy

I personally practice the first three and am succeeding. I forgot the one about overcoming time constraints -- the energy one I have figured out -- I'm not smart enuf to do it but here it is: FIRST Somehow harness the power of lightning BOOM no more energy crisis. SECOND create an energy sharing grid similar to the process of bit torrents eg: everyone sharing their excess energy with everyone else in the world. Again, this takes an expert -- an engineer and or a software guru. Unfortunately since I forgot how to overcome time, I dont have the time to do it right now.

If you know the secret to overcoming time constraints please let me know. TIA BE WELL

Jerry Hasselson

PS: This works for money, love property etc; I am living proof with real life evidence that proves it. No fooling.

ps I am living proog that the first three work !!!!!!!!

pps I need to contact Karyn Glasser - contact me at with her phone number and or email address. She knows me. I am not some weirdo wacko. I am a real person and I know she wants me to contact her. TIA Jerry

Proof that I dont have the time thing mastered, I havent been able to contact Karyn yet, and it has been over an hour since I've been trying !!!! (dang I wish I could remember that one, sure could come in useful)

OK, its been almost two hours and no positve reply to my question about Karyn yet--I guess I'll take a break and go meditate about it -- that should produce the desired results

be back later

I rememgered the forth finally !!!!

4. Maditate on the first three

I guess meditation is better than sitting around doing nothing

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