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Re: Gotta Love Those Christians That Pray For Your Demise!

Re: Gotta Love Those Christians That Pray For Your Demise!

I knew what that was as soon as I saw the title I had read this. It is funny! But it got lost in the sh*t on the other board so I reposted it.

The story was about Rev. Wiley Drake a California Baptist pastor's dispute with the Americans United for Separation of Church and State. He asked for prayers cursing them. The argument was over weather Drake violated federal tax law by "electioneering" when he recently endorsed the presidential candidacy of Republican Mike Huckabee. He said he personally endorsed Huckabee but did not throw the church's support to the candidate. He put the endorsement on the church's letterhead, because (he said) I'm not going to let anyone tell me I have to hide who I am. He said he used the church letterhead to pay his phone bill and write his mother. Anyway…the AU issued a statement that condemns "the tactics of a political pastor in California who urged followers to pray for the demise of the staff members of the religious liberty watchdog group."

In reference to the original post (Gotta Love Those Christian Who Pray For Your Demise) it was about praying for someone's demise (death) being funny.. Then the angry message …."WATCH WHAT YOU SAY BECAUSE IF YOU MAKE FUN OF A CHRISTIAN FOR PRAYING." Etc….

My message to you…. Watch what you say this post was never about making fun of anyone praying! It's about a Preacher asking his church to pray for the demise (death) of someone because they had him investigated.


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