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God does excist

God is real and if you better make sure you all get on the right path because if you do not you all will be cast into eternal fire and you can not die. you all say you do not believe in God but I have known many atheist people who were on their death bed and before they died they called out "God forgive me" can you tell me that you really do not believe in God or do you all just do not want a boss? Do you all belive there is a Satan/devil?

I posted this in another area, but I'm posting it here as well, just to be thorough:

Teresa: Please present your support (logical argumentation or independently verifiable evidence) for why anyone here should take your claims above seriously. It's fine for you to post claims--but at this site we expect people to actually have reasons for what they think and say. I'm not saying you don't have reasons--but you haven't given any, so no one can really respond intelligently to what you're posting.

I will try to but I really am not sure what to say.

Teresa age 12

I don't write to Christian message boards telling people the inaccuracy of their philosophy; as long as they keep their convictions to themselves I'm not concerned. But when they write on atheist message boards to straighten people out they should know what they are talking about. Enough has been written for anyone to go to any library and check it out. There is nothing further to say on this subject.

If God's "perfect love" involves threatening people…. than thanks for the threat of hell! Since "works" do not get people into heaven (though some Christians believe they do), I don't suppose you will be doing much research? Are you sure you're on the right path? Remember … "And they will be tormented day and night forever (Revelation 20:10)."

Finding the answers is very important … more important than listening to a fanatic frighten and threaten fools in order to pick their pockets. Rather than argue about whether or not God exists (it's not possible to prove either way.) even so…lets discuss the scriptures. It is very possible to prove that there is something very wrong with the Bible. - Libraries that have been discovered as part of archaeological exploration make it possible for us to study ancient cultures. These ancient scrolls/ manuscripts are what actually make up the Bible. The Bible did not just fall from heaven as a printed out book. It is made up of picked and chosen works from many different sources. However, some books mentioned in the Bible are not in the Bible. It is helpful to interpret the actions of those who decided what we 'needed' to know in order to helps us to understand what life on this planet is really all about.

The Pagan Roman emperor Constantine deified Jesus in order to found Christianity to end a Civil War with the Arians. The Bible was shaped around AD 325. The more violent and powerful religious forces, which only wanted to gain territory and wealth, committed genocide and cultural eradication in their missionary enthusiasm. Few ancient religious writings have survived their assaults. In many cases every trace of the society's religious writings, practices, and even buildings were destroyed. The purpose of these crusades was to replace their religion with the conqueror's religion, because their religious customs were labeled as heresies. For instance the (Essenes: A small minority, living around the Dead See a monastic life. They left the Dead See Scrolls found in 1947-48 and 60's.) Some scholars believe that Jesus was an Essene. The Essenes hid their library because they knew that if they were attacked they would be killed off and their writings burned. The Essenes were not "early Christians," as they are often described. They were victims of the Roman Empire. Christianity was a concoction of the Roman Empire, under the Emperor Constantine, who blended the Christian Church with the institutionalized "pagan" practices of Rome and eliminated any semblance of the (Teacher of Righteousness) Jesus established during his life.

In the Catholic Church, the Bible is the Douay Bible consisting of 73 books. In the Protestant church only the 66 books that were approved by the Synod of Dordrecht in 1618 are in what is known as the Authorized King James Bible. Though there is no specific list or accounting of all the books that made up the complete Bible in scripture, there are over 20 books mentioned in the Bible, but not found there. This is proof that many have been removed and there is evidence that many more fell under the same fate. Between the Book of Malachi and Matthew there is a gap of approximately 450 years. The term "apocrypha" comes from a Greek word meaning; "hidden" or "secret" and the books were originally considered by the early church as too exalted to be available to the general public. As time progressed, the exalted nature of the books was lost and the books were deemed by some as false. It is these books that fill that gap and in the time of Christ, these books formed part of the Septuagint Greek Bible that was in circulation at that time. What is missing from most Bibles, and our understanding of it, is what happened in that 450-year gap. Prophets were still writing and reflecting on life in the Holy Land right up until the Romans destroyed the temple of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

JEREMIAH 8:8 "How can you say, we are wise, and the Law of the Lord is with us'? But, behold, the false pen of the scribes has made it into a lie,"

Revelations 22:12 "Behold I come quickly and my reward is with me and .I will give each accoding to their works." You cannot just do what you want and go to heaven and Jesus said to tell everyone about his love and warn them about HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Proud…. Watch out! Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud. -- Proverbs 16: 18-19 (KJV) (I believe gave some good evidence of the questionable nature of religious beliefs in my post.) One country that has contributed to the international collection of proverbs is the Philippines. With more than 120 languages in its 7,107 islands, Filipino proverbs have shaped the culture and subcultures of the people who use them. The most popular proverb is "He who does not look back from where he came from will never reach his destination."

If anyone is looking for the truth they should look at every side of a story. If there has been a concerted effort to rid the record of any other facts most people began to smell a rat. So, your accusatory message should now be addressed. It is a perfect example of the manipulative nature of sanctimonious dupes (we just don't want a boss) someone to tell us what to think and what to do. Are we adults or are we children? What is being done in this world right now in the name of religion is revolting. Nobody should apologize or make light of the harm caused by self-righteous jerks, since they are the majority. This mind-set is what you can read in today's news that is going on all over the world. It is implied that those who don't think that they are just better than others makes them the bad guy. Who would subscribe to that idiotic notion? Most of those who need to believe that are indeed inferior to those they hate. I think it is a little disingenuous (untruthful) to say they believe they are superior to others because they have "truth," but have done no real research to prove that it is the truth. Someone really does need to prove that! To turn your own judgment over to others to make decisions for you is in my opinion is immoral. That is why some people need a boss and others don't. It wouldn't be necessary to force the truth on others through treats. Not a soul would reject the truth or good things; it's just not necessary to force it on people.

An illustration do you "smell" something when ever and unbeliever is around. In order to prove God exist they carry out nasty vicious petty deceptive pranks on their so-called enemies. They try to playoff their enemies one against the other, and they try to anger the targeted party to instigate a response. When they are confronted they always lie. However, all they have demonstrated is what hypocrites really are! The Christian cult is made up of those who are followers (subordinates) to authoritative flamboyant preachers not (educationalist) with no accountability. Integrity or ethics are demonstrated when people live up to their own words and deeds.

Nobody with any integrity or intelligence would follow (or be in submission to) a boss if the boss were wrong. It takes courage to speak truth to power, while most cowardly Christian mobs prefer to intimidate an individual. They have a history of inspiring hatred toward the (minority) or the weakest people in a community, and things that I've witnessed and experienced from them does not denote integrity; there rhetoric is not in alignment with their words or deeds (actions speak louder than words.) And anything that is taken over by them goes from peaceful and prosperous to squalor, and this has been repeated all over the world because of the predatory nature of this beast. They are not helping eliminate the poverty in the world by sending charity packages to starving people in countries where huge multinational corporations are exploiting the workers. In many instances they are actually exploiting the uneducated to believe things will get better if they convert. When it will only get better if they form unions, and take their countries back at home and around the world.

Mam I am only 12 years old I did not know about this. I just know my mamaws boyfriend is a aitheist and his wife died and she was too.

Proud Christian writes "I have known many atheist people who were on their death bed and before they died they called out "God forgive me" Why were you with many atheists on their death beds????

I didn't think about that one. I know that my answer was long, but it has to be if you are trying to prove what your saying. If they could they would write a thesis, but they don't…. I also wanted to make sure that nobody trivialized this mind-set because it is very common, and they don't need to prove a thing. And I wanted to make clear that (the person in charge of your life is you, and you're toughly responsible for everything you do.) Not your Boss!

So the King James Version is not the real version?

Teresa age12

I am talking about my mamaws boyfriends wife she died 2 years ago and I was there. before she never believed in God but as she was dying she said "God have mercy on me!!!!"

Teresa age 12

Well, there are plenty of messages just like yours on this message board, and I'm sure there not 12 yrs. old. But, I believe that you ask me in particular a question on another message board, unless someone else misspells exactly the same words as you do….Anyway….

"Believing is easier than thinking. Hence so many more believers than thinkers." --Bruce Calvert

I wrote my first post without the knowledge that you were 12 yrs. old. That message was put in later. It wasn't there. So? I could have made it less complicated.


That was "thinking" and was no 12 year old? I think this is a guy board!!!

That's right to both!!!

I did not know that the bible was changed befor we read it is that true?

Teresa 12/f/ky

I do have a baby and I am only 12 I live in residental home for teen mothers I've been here since my baby was born in November being a mother is a big thin and it makes you grow up fast. I have to be grown now I have no choice.

I do believe in God and his son Jesus

Sweetie, due to your various spelling errors and fucked up choices in life, it is clear that you haven't got the brains of a maggot. It's called a dictionary. Look into it. Oh, it's also called contraception. Look into it. On second thought, what the fuck is a 12 year old doing having sex to begin with?

While I think most Christians are spiteful, there are some Christians who actually do respect our rights. (Very few) I don't think Christians should assume that we have never heard all the threats made in order to force Christianity on the whole world! We know them better than you do! It just doesn't work. Especially when you know all the lies, and the long history of corruption involved. It would take more than threats to get me to sit in a building with them ever, while they explain a book that any stupid child could understand. Religion is a business, and a way for the state to control the public; the Europeans are way ahead of American on this one.

The spiteful Christians take pleasure in telling non-believers that they are "so lost" and "should be afraid of Hell"!!!!!!. So I do hope that atheists come across as less offensive people. After all they been told the same threats, and they believed them! This is all they have ever heard. They already have some very nasty assumptions about atheist being people who couldn't possibly be honorable or nice. When my experience has been that most freethinkers, atheist, agnostics, etc. are much nicer, far less judgmental, and have much higher ethics than many of Christians I have know. Spreading ignorance and fanaticism does not make you good people.

You make a lot of sense, Linda. Yes, there are some sane Christians in the world. They can accept that they believe one thing and someone else may believe another. Those Christians are very few and far between, though.

Well said- I was thinking those very things when I read that post.

Hey everyone leave that little girl alone like you have not made bad choices yourself? Just like Jesus said in the bible "You without sin throw the first stone" and the accusers left the woman and then Jesus said" woman where is thine accusers?" None of us can sit here and tell one person that they are bad when you all are cursing and saying there is no God you all ought to take a look in the mirror at yourselves maybe what this little girl said wont seem so bad. BUT BABIES HAVING BABIES IS SICK!!! This little girls parents should have watched her and been more responsible.

I know this is years after your original message, but it's never too late to learn something. The portion of scripture you are attempting to cite (John 7:53 to 8:11) was not in the original new testament. It was likely added by a scribe at a later time. I highly recommend reading Bart Ehrman's works (Misquoting Jesus is the most relevant to this conversation) to expand your knowledge of Christianity and its holy books.


They can go to work on what Jesus said after they prove that he exited.

While they read that book they should listen to Bob Marley's song - 'Get Up, Stand Up' especially this part.

"Most people think, Great god will come from the skies, Take away everything And make everybody feel high. But if you know what life is worth, You will look for yours on earth: And now you see the light, You stand up for your rights. jah!"

It is clear that most theists think that they have the right to question what atheists think, but atheists do not have the same right. Whenever anyone questions their "truth" they usually respond with unreasonable ferocity. That's probably because the "truth" of the matter is that indoctrination is not information. If someone has been raised in a hell fire and brimstone religion with bosses messing on them all their lives they are truly incapable of listening to any other view. They are trained to fiercely defend the system that has exploited them. They are astonished that these same tactics don't work on us. These tactics wouldn't work on anyone with even a modicum of common sense. Unfortunately, many are brought into these religions from birth and have no real choice. Most of them are intensely aware of the concealed hands involved in their spirituality, meaning those who conform are rewarded and promoted but those who do not conform they try to destroy - if it's possible. There are all kinds of nasty games that they play to stay in control of people's lives and the real losers have more to gain than anyone does. They know that most of them would lose in any fair situation and that wouldn't prove the existence of their God. Amazing! That is why they would never allow a real outcome without their interference. And they call that spirituality?

To put this thread into perspective you need to know that there was more going on than someone reading this now probably could realizes. It's been a while, but I have a pretty good memory. I think that there had been many interruptions in the middle of other discussions on other threads with messages about (going to HELL!!!) HELL was one of the few words not misspelled. So, we didn't throw the first stone. That's why the Jesus quote made no sense. The comment "we all make bad choices" (probably the understatement of the century) with moral indignation thrown in over the poor, poor Christian was just dumb, since it's clear Proud Christian thought that she was the one on the moral high ground. Proud Christian was finally told to get off her soapbox and get a dictionary and contraceptives, by one person.

I did try to point out to Proud Christian that she basically didn't have the ability to educate anyone; it's the other way around. I tried to provide some information (maybe too much) but they are arguing without validating anything. Proud Christian was obviously dumbfounded by real information about the scriptures. Granted, there could have been many other thoughts added about the credibility gap in their religion, but that probably would have just brought on more complaints about persecution without any actual rebuttal. The facts just got in the way. There were responses to Proud Christian's claims asking her for (logical arguments or verifiable evidence) and other replies about (the authenticity of the Bible) or questioning her (many atheists deathbed claims). The only reply that got a response from her defender was the one that was used as an excuse to ignore all the other posts. Example: "you all are cursing and saying there is no God." That is typical twisting of the facts in order to sidetrack the discussion and create another bone of contention. Only one person cursed, and that was probably from shear disgust over the holier-than-thou attitude from someone who needed counseling more than she needed to be preaching to us. I agreed whole-heartedly with the advice given to Proud Christian about what she needed to do, but I knew the remarks would be turned around for the purpose of making atheists look like people who just go after helpless little girls who get pregnant at 12. That's what happens when sex education consists of abstinence only. Not being given information about protection is simply ignorant - it's not moral. Knowledge is power.

Proud Christian confronted us, judged us, and one person told her off?

It's interesting to note that the meddler who butted in to defend "the little girl" turned around and started asking nosy questions and scolding her. What these people are doing and thinking will never make any sense to anyone with a smidgen of reason.

It's too late for the world unless we understand that it's up to us to make things right because there is nothing but us.

Hey Proud Christian where was your parents? Dont you have any parents how could they let their little girl have a baby? I Would not be proud of my self you are to little to be a mom!!!! How old is your baby?

My baby is 4 months old and I take care of him and I regret my choice i shouldnt have been so stupid!

A busybody or a gossip is just as bad as a bad mouther they are in the same league! I don't care what anyone else believes. I know why I think what I do about religion. Go back and read it! We don't care what other people want to believe, it's the other way around. We didn't write any threatening messages about what we think. We haven't written any threats to anyone because of their beliefs. I guess some people should mind their own business!

"God is real and if you better make sure you all get on the right path because if you do not you all will be cast into eternal fire and you can not die."

That's all too easy to assert, but why do you think it's true?

"you all say you do not believe in God but I have known many atheist people who were on their death bed and before they died they called out "God forgive me""

Are you talking about people you know personally, or famous atheists of whom you've heard that they converted on their death beds?

If the former, could it be that fear clouds people's judgements, including your own?

If the latter, could you please name them, and cite the sources of your information?

"can you tell me that you really do not believe in God or do you all just do not want a boss?"

I really do not believe in God.

"Do you all belive there is a Satan/devil?"

Thankfully, no. Can you tell me why you believe in God, or the devil?

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